Cadman Plaza (Turf) Park is Open


A few folks have emailed us to say that Cadman Plaza Park is now open, astroturf and all.

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  • Qfwfq

    Also, it looked like Uncommon Grounds was open last night, are they officially open for business? Has anyone checked it out yet?

  • Just me

    Uncommon Grounds is open, too! $.25 coffee all day today.
    Place looks good, but it (very unfortunately) won’t be opening ’till 11am weekdays, so it won’t replace my trek to Montague for my Starbucks before work.
    My iced coffee was quite good – best part was that in addition to regular sugars, they also offer the liquid simple syrup so it disolves in iced drinks! They also had pitchers of soy & lactaid available with the milk & cream.

  • BP

    11am weekdays? That’s crazy, if not stupid!!!