Gossip Girl Filming at Packer Today

This just into the BHB Inbox from “RV”:

Gossip Girl is filming at Packer today.  Saw Conner Paolo (Eric) walking across Joralemon,  where the trailers are parked, towards (I imagine) the set in the backyard of Packer on Livingston St.

Photo via Awkward Girl

Photo via Awkward Girl

Update: Nabe blogger “Awkward Girl”  snapped some photos at today’s shoot.

Well, this just gives us an excuse to share these two videos:

And Leighton Meester’s star turn in this Cobra Starship video:

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  • http://doubleawk.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/gossip-girl-here/ Leda, aka, Awkward Girl

    I saw the filming today, too. They were doing a scene with Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen right outside Packer on Livingston.

    I was hoping to get scooped up as an extra, but failed!