Rent Control Drama at 222 Henry Chronicled in NY Times

Long time Brooklyn Heights resident Robert Nocco left the rent controlled apartment at 222 Henry Street that he lived in for most of his life in June after losing a court case against his landlord. The New York Times wrote about the battle from both sides of the story.

New York Times: Even then, however, the case did not draw to a close. Mr. Nocco was poised to make another court challenge when he and [the building’s owner, Dexter] Mr. Guerrieri negotiated a settlement, said by participants to be “in the very low six figures.” In late June, Mr. Nocco moved out.

Mr. Leavitt said he was confident that the ruling would have been overturned by the courts, because Mr. Guerrieri’s case was hampered by the difficulty of finding records dating back 20 and 30 years. But he said that in the end, Mr. Nocco had wanted to settle, to get on with his life.

“How can we defend ourselves 30 years after the fact?” Mr. Leavitt asked. “It is a very tragic, terrible thing the landlord has done to a family that has lived in Brooklyn Heights for 50 years.”

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  • Cranky

    OK, maybe I’m missing something here. I’m generally pretty anti-landlord (being as my landlord is a mega-dirtbag). But where is the tragedy when someone pays $222 for an apartment in Brooklyn Heights and then gets a low six figure settlement to move out. I don’t think I’d call that ‘tragedy’. Jeez.

  • David on Middagh

    The NYT article is not sympathetic to the tenant, is it, making it appear that for many years there has been cake-eating-and-having. It does seem like there has been an abuse of rent control.