Signs of life in Heights real estate market?

jsw_franklin_trustAccording to StreetEasy, a two bedroom, two bath unit on the sixth floor of the Franklin Trust Building, 166 Montague (corner of Clinton) has gone to contract for $1.29 million. By StreetEasy’s calculations, after making a down payment of $258,000, the buyer will pay an aggregate $8,701 monthly for mortgage, common charges, and taxes.

According to the same source, there are several other properties available in the Heights in the same price range: another two bedroom on the fifth floor of the same building for $1.26 million; a three bedroom at 62 Pierrepont for $1.25 million; and a three bedroom at 40 Remsen for $1.249 million. There are two apartments listed at 360 Furman: a 1,562 square foot two bedroom on the eighth floor for $1.29 million; and a 1,385 square foot two bedroom on the sixth floor for $1.35 million, which must have a superior view to jusitify the higher price.

Thanks to ts for the tip.

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  • tb

    Seriously… How is this news?

  • In The Heights

    Let me know when the go to contract at the asking price. Then it will be news.

  • nabeguy

    Never underestimate the…………….

  • Rochdalian

    More importantly, the sidewalk barricades are being removed, and you can walk on that side of Clinton Street without risking being hit by a car.