Ronny’s Seltzer Spritzes Brooklyn Heights

BHB Photo Club pic by j bary via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by j bary via Flickr

BHB Photo Club member jbary caught this delivery from Bayside’s Ronny’s Seltzer in Brooklyn Heights today.  Anyone still getting delivery of the “old timey” goodness?  Nothing makes a better Egg Cream!

Update: What? You want seltzer? Here’s the info:  call Gomberg Seltzer Works 718-257-9369 8am – 4pm.  [Via Edible Brooklyn]

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  • my2cents

    Seeeeltzer Booooooy…..where are you hidiiiiiing? (10 points to anyone who gets that)

  • Publius

    Alan Sherman.

    If you don’t bring me selzer, I’m gonna tell Mr. Melzer on yooooou, selzer boyyyyyee.

  • EJ

    We still get Seltzer delivered by Eli Miller.

  • nabeguy

    Do they carry Mayim Chaim?

  • melanie hope greenberg

    There’s a wonderful picture book called “The Seltzerman” by Ken Rush.
    Published in the mid 1990’s, the story takes place in Brooklyn.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    The correct title is “The Seltzer Man”.

  • DrewB

    So how do you contact this guy? I’ve been thinking about getting delivery as we drink A LOT of seltzer. How does it work?

  • k10

    Ronny is the best!! I bet one of the cases in that pic was on its way to my place!

  • Andrew Porter

    I continue to be stunned by the number of seltzer bottles for sale at such places as the Brooklyn Flea. I bet there are more of those old quartz bottles for sale there than are in use for their intended purposes. Aren’t people supposed to return the bottles to the seltzer dealers?

    I actually had a couple of the bottles, which I gave to a passing dealer.

  • Mister Grumpy

    We make Seltzer at home with a Sodastream and it’s been great. No waste, no lugging bottles and you can control the fizz.

  • matt

    If you’re looking for Seltzer, just call Eli Miller. He delivers Gomberg’s seltzer. He also happens to be the nicest person on the earth. Call him on +1 718 449 8697.

  • Stan

    Everyone is trying to undersell Ronnie what bunch of putzes!

  • Rick

    Ronny delivers! His number is 718-464-6408. A bit of the (other) bubbly.

  • Marty

    Can’t get anyone to deliver seltzer to Nassau County. Plenty of customers here. Email me if you can.