Free Wine Tastings at Heights Chateau


Heights Chateau is hosting free in-store tastings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.   Brooklyn Beat reports this week’s schedule as: July 30th, Paul from Noble House Wines, 5:30-8:30; July 31st, The Famous Grouse, 5:30-8:30; and Aug. 1st, Miolo Brazilian Wines, 4-7.

Heights Chateau 123 Atlantic Avenue.

C.S. addendum: Also check out Heights Chateau staffer Elana’s blog, So Many Wines … So Little Time.

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  • Cranky

    Hmm, after last night and nothing on for ‘Shop Brooklyn Boutique Nights’ I better not risk it. This might not really be happening either. IWhat if it is a setup – :-D.

    Maybe my life isn’t really happening….maybe it is scheduled for another day….noooooooooo.

  • Homer Fink

    stop being.. yourself, Cranky :) … we’re looking into the ShopBrooklyn issue btw.

  • Cranky

    Thanks Homer. :-)

  • lifer

    these guys do anything from scotch to absinthe to all sorts of booze tastings. they rock. and its hard to beleive, they are cheaper than the liker store on smith street, yes, the geto one.

  • lifer

    i meant “likker” as in liquor

  • jinjur

    absinthe! Awesome.