CB2 Meeting Recap – Tea Lounge Liquor License Approved


We’re reporting live from the Community Board 2 meeting tonight, and so far the executive committee has unanimously approved a liquor license for the potential Tea Lounge at 41 Clark St. and new facade designs within the Heights Historical District for the new Armando’s and a new Japanese restaurant at 78 Clark Street, in the former Sea Asian spot.

UPDATE 7/28/09:

Here’s more news from last night’s CB2 meeting, in which the executive committee met in lieu of a full board monthly meeting since it’s summer:

About the Tea Lounge approved liquor license: owner Jonathan Spiel assured CB2 that the café was primarily a tea and coffee spot, with muffins and sandwiches and the like. But, in order to spike tea or coffee with Bailey’s or kahlua, he needs a liquor license. “The main source of our business is the café,” he said.

As for the new Japanese restaurant at 78 Clark St., owner Aaron Liu told BHB he hopes to open Moritomo Japanese Cuisine “as soon as possible,” probably by September. He and his architect went before the Board with an application to change the facade by removing the brick columns and restoring the original stucco.

Maria Byros, who will manage the new Armando’s at 143 Montague St., also wants to change the restaurant’s facade by bringing in new windows that won’t have as many panes looking out, yet will have the same shade of painted wood.

The Board unanimously approved both Landmark applications, and Byros’s architect said this application was not related to the famous lobster sign.

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  • Sue

    Another Japanese restaurant? I love Japanese cuisine, but doesn’t our neighborhood have enough? Especially with Iron Chef and Sushi Gallery on the same street?!
    How about a cuisine our neighborhood doesn’t have, like Jewish deli, or Mexican? Come on!

  • Senor Salsa

    Yes. I totally agree. Seriously??? How do they expect to make money with some much close competition? I really don’t understand why someone doesn’t open a good Mexican restaurant in the Heights. It would be a money tree. Fast made-to-order Burritos + College Kids + Busy, Tired Professionals = Cha-ching! The Chipotle on Montague cleans up. Having something better and closer to Clark would be hugely profitable. Fools, fools I tell you!

  • fishermb

    I gladly welcome “another Japanese restaurant” in this neck of the woods mostly because the sushi at both Sushi Gallery and Iron Chef is terrible! Check our Hecho en Dumbo or Oaxaca on Smith Street for Mexican.

  • divebar

    I think a dive bar would be much better in that location considering all the students right across the place. Who needs more food places.

  • AEB

    Better still: a brothel. For all the sexes/sexual orientations (as they say).

    A red-light district of one.

  • nancy

    Back in the late ’80-early ’90’s it was the Heights Cafe; that was a wonderful place. Who needs more students? They’ve already ruined the Eastern Athletic. As a resident of the St. George, I can’t wait fot the Tea Lounge

  • Sammy

    Nancy I find nothing wrong with the fit young sweaty bodies at EAS.

  • Monty

    I am guessing that this is not associated with former Iron Chef and Nobu veteran Masaharu Morimoto. Is this guy setting himself up for a lawsuit?

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve often wondered why there’s this mini-ghetto of Japanese restaurants all clustered within a few feet of each other. Sea Asian was always the weakest of the trio, while Iron Chef is always jammed.

    On the other hand, as I recall East 6th Street between First and Second Avenue in the EV has more than a dozen Indian restaurants, so maybe this actually makes sense. Maybe.

  • nabeguy

    More like a mini-ginza, Andrew. I fully expect that we’ll soon be seeing “steerers” along Clark Street, a la Mulberry Street.
    Except, instead of wooing you with a song, they’ll threaten you with a ginsu knife.