Schnitzel Truck Hits Dumbo


CraigElimeliah via Twitter

The Schnitzel & Things truck is in DUMBO right now according to DUMBONYC and @CraigElimeliah via Twitter.  They’re at the corner of Adams and Front Streets.

Have your tried it? Good?

What’s it all about? From their website:

Our goal is to serve delicious, fresh food to hungry New Yorkers on the go. We will serve three different kinds of schnitzel and a variety of wonderful side dishes using all natural ingredients at reasonable prices.

For those New Yorkers who are unfamiliar with the schnitzel, let us provide you with a brief description. Schnitzel is a hand pounded, lightly breaded thin cutlet fried to golden perfection. It is traditionally served with a lemon wedge and a side of Austrian potato salad. Our varieties of schnitzel include chicken, pork and cod and all are made fresh to order.

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  • thomas

    Was walking past it from birdgefresh, and there was a good line for it.

  • Matt

    Listen BHB readers: You need to get some of this schnitzel. I went last week when they were on Smith St. and it’s really delicious. Quite a nice change from the usual mix of food that we eat. Two words for ya: Sriracha mayo!

  • Joey 4 Prez

    How long do they stay in one place?

  • nancy

    But is like like Luchows schnitzle??

  • Andrew Porter

    I hope they don’t collide with the Oscar Mayer Weiner truck!