This is Brooklyn and he lives in the Heights

img006783On Atlantic Avenue.  He’s a big dog Great Pyrenees, weighing in at 92 pounds and not even two years old.  But don’t let that fool you— recently, upset because he’d been left at home alone, he leapt over a fish tank, jumped out of his 2nd story window and landed splat on the sidewalk.  Subsequent trips to the vet— found him A-OK.  Not surprising as his ancestors were once guard dogs for French nobility, avalanche rescue dogs and even sled dogs.  These days, however, Brooklyn contents himself with parading up and down the avenue.  Say hello to him if you see him, but don’t mention the fish. (p.s. the owner got window guards, so don’t get all ASPCA on me.)

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  • Bret Hart

    My comments are a general rant on dog ownership in NYC and NOT anything personal against anyone in particular.

    It is utterly absurd that people in this neighborhood/Manhattan have these large breed dogs. How is it fair to keep that animal locked up in an apartment, and most are walked at a snail’s pace barely giving the dog any legitimate exercise. No wonder he jumped out the window……He was curious what it felt like to run. This breed is an active dog. If you have a large dog — move to the suburbs or somewhere at least run the dog on a treadmill in a city and give him/her some real exercise.

  • alex

    Bret — I agree with your sentiment, but I think it’s more about the bread than the size. Some large breads are very sedentary and do fine in a small space; some smaller dogs are very active and require lots of space to run.

    However, if owners are responsible and make regular trips to Hillside or other parks, dogs probably get as much exercise as they would anywhere else…

  • http://aol Jill

    I have seen this wonderful dog while walking my dog. Unfortuantely they are not friens as my boo boo is fearful.I love the happy ending and hope I can say hello in my own private way.

  • LA Slugocki

    I have to come to the defense of Brooklyn’s owners— he was abandoned, had lost half his body weight, nobody wanted such a HUGE dog. Now he’s gorgeous and loved and believe me, well fed.

  • GHB

    Brooklyn is a beautiful dog. Just imagine that flying at you from above! Glad he’s OK.

  • The Where

    I love all breads – pumpernickle, foccacia and most all bagels!

  • Bret Hart

    Alex – I do agree it depends on the breed 100%. I should have made that clear in my original post.

    To LA – it’s very nice that in this one particular instance that this dog was saved. I’m always happy to hear that. I’m talking more about in general. There’s always going to be outliers in every situation. Gorgeous & loved (are nice for the owners), well fed are also still nice but so is well exercised (for the dog) and healthy. This is a breed that was meant for guarding livestock. Again, I realize there are outliers (this particular dog was abandoned and saved) and again I want to stress that my rant was more in general then any dog owner in particular.

  • soulman

    What is an outlier exactly? This is one of those dreadfully current words that creep in to the language and then is misused by the tragically hip. “Meme” is another one, although it seems to be fading. Every blogger and letter writer seems obsessed with outliers these days.

  • The Where

    Soulman you comment is very meta please stay on topic. Are you a n00b?

  • soulman

    to The Where: and your comment is on topic? What’s a n00b? What’s “meta” in this context? Should this be another thread? Weave on!

  • Bret Hart
  • Teddie Boy Eddie


    I find your comments ignorant and typical of people who have never owned a dog. How do you know his owner doesn’t give him regular proper exercise? How do you know whether or not he goes to a dog run to socialize and run around?

    You now what happens when you have a dog in the suburbs and you let it outside? It roams a little bit then sits at the backdoor waiting to come back in and be with its pack.

    Now you can go clean out your kittie litter box.

  • soulman

    “james brown” Was he an outlier? Yes, I know the dictionary definition, but since Gladwell’s book came out, I can’t get away from the somewhat metaphorical use of the word. In this case, and I agree that some people shouldn’t own the dogs that they have, the Brooklyn owners are hardly outliers – ie: statistical anomalies. Most dog owners have the right dog in the right place – it’s the neglectful ones who are the “outliers”.

  • Bret Hart

    Theo Edward:

    I grew up with dogs all my life. So thanks for the generalization. Do you really want to get into how to properly train and raise a dog? Theo, what’s your opinion about harness collars versus choke collars? Read my entire post. It’s not meant at one owner, it’s a generalization of seeing dog owners with their pets in the neighborhood that walk their dogs at a snails pace if at all. I’ve said more than once that my post is not about this particular dog and its owners, who frankly I’m very happy for them and the dog that they were able to save Brooklyn and they should be commended for taking this dog in when it needed help.

    Is that what happens when you have a dog in the suburbs? They can go outside and roam in a yard than come inside in a house that’s larger than a typical Manhattan/Brooklyn apartment? Thanks for the breaking news.

    I’d write more but my precious Mittens is beckoning.

    PS at least Michael Vick got reinstated. would that make a fair generalization of you think of me?

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    What does Michael Vick have to do with any of this? A wee bit defensive, aren’t you, hit man?

    I stand by my comment on your “generalization”. Dogs don’t give a shit where they live, as long as they’re well taken care of by their owners.

  • Ramona Quimby

    What a cute puppy!! Also, I think this has already been said, but there are many breeds of large dogs that are relatively sedentary. Conversely, there are many breeds of smaller dogs that are extremely active and need a lot of exercise. Moreover, I don’t think the location of the owner’s residence has any relation to how much that specific owner exercises his or her dog. In fact, it seems to me that urban dwellers are usually very aware of their dog’s exercise needs whereas many suburban and rural people just let their dog out the back door and expect it to exercise itself.

  • Bret Hart

    Theo Eduardo:

    I asked my neighbor’s dog if he’s happy where lives as long as he’s well taken care of.
    He answered “Woof, woof” then panted.

    I’ll guess we’ll never know.

  • nabeguy

    Funny how a dog story has become a cat fight.

  • Deus

    My 13 year old, 65lb dog likes to walk at a snails pace.

  • brooklynbee

    I love that dog!! I see him all the time on Atlantic and often stop to pet him. He is so sweet and friendly – owners are friendly, too, always willing to stop & chat about their gentle giant.

  • RatNYC

    I think any pet rescued from a shelter is better off in an apartment in the city, whatever the size. Anyone who does not neglect its pet and feeds it regularly is already making the life of the rescued pet much, much better.

  • Cranky

    Look at that pupee. I want to pet him right now.

  • Bob

    Live and let live. Just pick up the damn poop!!!!!!!

  • Diana and John

    We also have a dog named Brooklyn. He lives in the North Heights. Our Brooklyn is an English Springer Spaniel weighing 54lbs. He visits the dog run on Columbia Heights most mornings and his favorite friends are Labradoodles!
    Hope he gets to meet your Brooklyn one day!