Brooklyn Heights Man Builds Boulders for Climbing

Twenty-five year old Brooklyn Heights resident Stephen Spaeth is set to open Brooklyn Boulders, a former Daily News garage filled with “rocks” to climb for fun, on August 5.    The NY Daily News writes about the Gowanus outlet today:

NY Daily News: “It used to be all the serious climbing gyms were in Jersey,” co-owner Stephen Spaeth, 25, said. “Not anymore.”

The 18,000-square-foot building was built about 1900 as a distribution center for The News and served as a garage for delivery trucks until about 1993.

It was then used as a storage facility until Jaze Realty bought it for $10.5 million last year. The News’ camera logo is still on the facade.

Spaeth and his partner spent nearly $1 million on upgrades after leasing the space in March, installing new windows and padded floors.

“There are lots of climbers in New York City,” said Spaeth, who lives in Brooklyn Heights and has been climbing for 15 years. “Now there’s a real climbing gym, too.”

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