Squadron to Host Open Conference Call, Invites BHB Readers


State Senator Daniel Squadron has invited all constituents to participate in an open conference call this evening beginning at 6:00:

Dear Friend,

With all that’s happening in Albany, a lot of people have been asking me what’s going on and where I think we should go from here.

In order to speak with you directly, share my perspective and answer any questions you might have, I would love it if you would join a conference call I’ll be having at 6pm.

To listen to the call please dial this number and, when prompted, enter the six-digit conference code number:

Dial-in: 1-712-432-3100
Conference code: 691380

If you have any questions or thoughts please email them ahead of time to admin@danielsquadron.org. Please let us know that you’ll be joining us by emailing us at that address as well.

I hope to speak with you this evening!



Sen. Squadron has specifically asked that this invitation be shared with readers of Brooklyn Heights Blog.

Update: You can see what Sen. Squadron has already said about the situation in Albany here.

The “712” area code is in Iowa, but it’s a free call. Iowa is just where the company putting together the conference call is located. Sen. Squadron will be in Albany. Once again, you will not be charged for the call.

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  • Local Calls Only, Please

    Is the area code correct? 712 is for Iowa, not Brooklyn. I shouldn’t have to dial Iowa (a long distance call) to hear info from my local representative. Unless Senator Sqadron plans to run for President and he’s already in the cornfields looking for votes (note: I’m kidding, he’s too young under the US Constitution).

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    712 is correct. The telecom company providing hosting service for the call is in Iowa, but it’s a free call for anyone calling in to participate. Sen. Squadron is in Albany and will participate from there.

  • T.K. Small

    I’m on call right now and I submitted a question, asking what, if anything, Squadron was willing to compromise on to break the deadlock.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    T.K., I was on the call, too. I think a point the Senator made is that compromises on substantive issues like City school governance, vacancy decontrol, or marriage equality won’t break the impasse, because what exists under the present rules is a winner-take-all game in which the prevailing party can dictate the outcome on each of these issues, and all others. What must not be compromised is reform of the system to end the non-overridable veto of the president pro tem.

  • Josh

    Is Squadron continuing to take a salary while no work gets done?

    Why is he just explaining the stalemate and not offering a solution to the stalemate – afterall he is one of 62 that can actually effect change….he seems on the sidelines, even his senate website talks about the good work he did before the stalemate…

  • T.K. Small

    I was pretty impressed with Squadron, but I am not sure that I share his optimism that the Albany situation will be resolved anytime soon. This is a process/systemic meltdown that has been in the making for decades.

  • AAR

    Let’s save money and uncomplicate legislation by changing the NYS constitution (or whatever it takes) and get rid of the NYS Senate. There must be other states without two legislative houses.

  • Local Calls Only, Please

    Claude-Thank you for the clarification on the long distance call issue.

    AAR-The only other state with a 1 house state legislature is Nebraska. It is called a unicameral legislature, as opposed to a bicameral legislature.