A Beautiful Day in Mr. Junkersfeld’s Neighborhood

BHB community member Karl Junkersfeld shot this walk through the neighborhood video recently.   Special cameo appearances by our pal Jason at Plaza Dry Cleaners and all the folks at Rocco and Jezebel on Pineapple Walk.  Also, the “Junkman” takes a peek inside the space formerly known as Busy Chef.  Watch at your own risk.

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  • AEB

    This is terrific! Hope to see more of this on-the-hoof reportage!

  • Paul

    This is sad. His desperate plea for attention tried to make its way via the Intrawebs to me, but I resisted.

    The best is when he says “gotta get the beauty” to the 16 year old and follows it with “alright guys” when they all give him a “what did you just say, freak?” stare in unison…

  • Jacko

    Wow, what an annoying video. Full of complaining and kvetching. Thanks for wasting five minutes of my life.

  • AEB

    Really, when I read Paul and Jacko’s comments, I’m reminded of how various and categorically contradictory people’s perceptions of the world without are.


    As with that segment of the population who feels that Palin is their kind of woman. I mean, “gal.”

  • http://toren Karl Junkersfeld

    Wow, a simple filming of a random walk in my beloved Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and I’m characterized as an insecure psychopathic pervert who craves an escape from my lonely existentially meaningless position in life. Not only that , but I’m constantly complaining and kvetching about this untenable existence.

    Homer, like everyone else who reads the Brooklyn Heights blog, many are left scratching our heads as to the genesis of many of the comments. A perfect example was the totally crazy post describing Cranberries a week back. Don’t want to repeat it but it was totally off the wall and quite defamotory. Those of us, who have lived in the neighborhood for some time, know that Jim has passed the test for quality many, many years ago.

    Obviously, I’m not going to take the time to defend myself but I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Homer, for a great blog. It takes so much courage to put your self out there for the critics, and there are many here in the Heights, to sling mud and make unfair accusations. If an innocent walk down a block can create such vitriolic responses, the casual reader should appreciate the risk you take every day by blogging events regardless how innocent it might appear on initial examination.

    Keep up the good work. You have many admirers.

  • AEB

    Amen, Karl.

  • Paul

    Love the blog, just hate the video – that’s all.

  • sue

    Sorry, can’t agree with the majority’s Cranberry’s assessment. The goods are always stale and tasteless, as well as overpriced. It is just that we have come to expect this in our neighborhood and that is what passes for excellence. Sort of like Noodle Pudding for great Italian food

  • neighbor

    My stomach twisted a little bit when I heard the quasi asian like grumble from the videographer when he came upon the launderer. I doubt it was intentionally derogatory, but in these times, it might be taken that way. Other than that I dont have as much a problem with the video as the others.

  • thomas

    Wow Paul, how smug can you be? The guy just made a video of a journey through BH and all you want to do is ridicule him. It’s free, so what the hell do you have to complain about? Seriously people, get your head of your asses and just be thankful we have a free blog to entertain us.

  • Peter

    Sue, while your assessment of Cranberry’s may be up to par, your comment about Noodle Pudding is way off base: we are lucky to have an Italian restaurant of such quality in our quiet hood. Is it as good as Babbo or Del Posto? Of course not, but for a fraction of the cost, we get GREAT, affordable food and wine, and Ari may be one of the nicest guys in Brooklyn.

  • sue

    Everyone has their own opinion. I feel that a restaurant that charges $10-$13 for a plate of pasta could at least afford to turn on some AIR CONDITIONING in the summer. Maybe that is the sign of a high quality restaurant, but not in my book. I, personally don’t like to eat with flies and sweat. JMHO.

  • Can we all get along?

    There’s an old chestnut that the Heights can’t support decent restaurants because the residents don’t spend enough time in the neighborhood…maybe the reason for that is to avoid their cranky neighbors, who are out in full force on this thread.

  • Peter

    Sue, didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, and you are certainly correct, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have never been uncomfortable eating there, however, I have not been there this summer, so I may be in for a rude awakening.

    I think their gnocchi with butter and sage is the best in the city, and a steal at $11 … their veal osso bucco is off the charts as well. Perhaps I am overrating them based on those two dishes, and perhaps you are underrating them based on sub-par courses? Not sure …

  • Homer Fink

    Stay on topic… thanks!

  • Jazz

    Mr. Junkersfeld – can’t wait to see more from you; your brand of video verite is refreshing.

  • http://toren Karl Junkersfeld

    Noun 1. cinema verite – a movie that shows ordinary people in actual activities without being controlled by a director

    This is one of the reasons I love Brooklyn Heights, smart people. Little did I realize I was practicing video verite.

    When Homer suggested that we get back on topic, I was wondering what was the topic. Then I remembered that the topic was picking out my personal foibles. I preferred the conversation on Noodle Pudding.

    But to get back to topic, Jason informed me that he would prefer to be referred to as a small business entrepreneur. He runs a successful cleaning business, which employs people. Another words, he is responsible for putting food on other family’s table. The term “launderer” is not what comes immediately to his mind when he considers his occupation. Of course, neighbor didn’t mean to be offensive and I must admit, upon reading this description of Jason my stomach felt a pang (only kidding) but nonetheless, neighbor you were politically incorrect. How ironic, you are pointing out my insensitivity and you basically did the same thing. Is there a lesson here for all of us? I could subject everybody to a cliché’ about glass houses but I won’t.

    Is this off topic or am I suppose to dump on myself?

  • Cranky

    I enjoyed the video. Post more please.

  • hoppy

    Karl, the video is great, yada yada, but my abnormal curiosity is killing me… What site are you trying to link up to with your BHB user name? When I click on it, it comes up “http://toren/” which obviously fails. Google Chrome suggests “www.toren.com” which is some kind of German design site. Are you affiliated somehow with the Toren building in downtown Brooklyn?

  • neighbor

    I wasn’t pointing out your insensitiveness, Karl. It’s probably more of a generational thing. I don’t know what the guy does for a living (although YOU called him “Mr. Cleaner”). I simply assume he works for the launderer or owns the place since he walked in there. Did Jason say he enjoyed the mimicking of his native tongue or did that not come up (maybe he didn’t hear you)? It’s obvious that you did not realize that the action might be perceived as inappropriate and maybe I am over sensitive when it comes to things like this (obviously it hasn’t bugged anyone else – they are hung up on other things about the video). I am not saying you did it in a mean spirited way so there is no need to be so defensive. Instead, why not try to learn something from these critiques. It will help you not be so chastised in the future. I even said I didn’t mind the rest of the video. I was simply giving my impression of what you said at that particular moment in my ears. Oh, and he owns and operates a company that cleans clothing, nothing I said was offensive.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Didn’t realize I had that link attached to my name.

    I went into contract for a Toren penthouse on the 33rd floor last year. What a view facing Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a beautiful building on Flatbush Ext. and Myrtle in Downtown Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the world is a different place since that time and following through on the contract is very questionable. I’d love to elaborate but I’m duty bound to stay on topic.