Mixed Use: Gallery+Real Estate


This is Robert E. Franklin, writer, painter, realtor,  in the office of Brick Realty on Atlantic Avenue.  He stands in front of a photogram by Amy Burchenal.   It is part of an exhibit called Cultivated Shadows.  The artist describes a photogram as a photographic image made without a camera— by placing objects directly onto the surface of photo-sensitive material, then exposing to light.

Burchenal’s images, stark and almost haunting,  are stunning against the backdrop of exposed brick, and white walls.  They range in price between $250 and $750.  You could rent a one bedroom in Prospect Heights and buy a painting at the same time. Franklin explains that the office changes exhibits every four months.   This type of mixed use space is a real  boon during tough economic times.

A quick perusal of the Brick Real Estate website reveals a commitment to individualized service and a belief in equality “between buyers, renters, owners and sellers.”  That’s new and refreshing in a business that is often characterized by wolves in sheep’s clothing.   These are genuinely nice people.  Who believe in art.

What mixed use space would you like to see?  A church and a theatre?  A restaurant and a reading series?

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