Final Dock St DUMBO vote today

Well folks, it‘s come to this: the final vote on Dock Street. The full City Council will vote on the Dock Street DUMBO rezoning application this afternoon. We will be there, and we will keep you posted.

Here‘s the link to the full public review process, and more information about the significance of today’s vote:

Mayoral Review. Mayoral approval is not required. A decision by the City Council to approve or disapprove a land use application is considered to be final unless the Mayor elects to veto a Council action within 5 days of the vote. The Council, by a 2/3 vote, can override a Mayor’s veto of its decision within 10 days of the veto.

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  • No One Of Consequence

    Our only hope is a second break with tradition to vote against the council speaker after the local council member was overrun.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I know this won’t change some peoples’ minds, but something to consider about having a school so close to high-traffic roads.

    Is this another area where due diligence was not conducted?

  • nabeguy

    But NOOC, haven’t you heard? The constantly blowing winds off of the river will take care of this issue…only problem with that argument is that, given the buildings position in relation to the bridge and river, the winds would be blowing the pollution towards it, not away from it. Anybody know if they make gas masks in childrens sizes?

  • anon

    And children will grow wings to fly over the traffic. Oh, that’s right, the traffic is supposed to magically stop during school hours.