Community Board 2 Meeting Tonight

There has been a lot going on in Brooklyn Heights lately and it might be interesting for BHB members to take the pulse of our democracy at the most local level. Just this week there was an interesting article on the Gotham Gazette entitled: Endangered Community Boards which suggested that some think that Community Boards are wasteful, ineffectual and should be eliminated. For myself, I am going to raise the issue of the still very inadequate website for community Board 2

The Community Board 2 meeting will start at 6 PM at Long Island University, in Room # 119 in one the Health Science Center.


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  • lincoln

    the district manager of community board 2 has been working tirelessly in creating a new website. he presented a draft to the executive committee in may and the members were universally impressed.

    my understanding is that there may be a presentation tonight on the new cb2 website!

  • T.K. Small

    I also heard that there would be a report on the new website. The District manager seems like a hard-working person, so I am very hopeful.

  • Robert Perris

    T.K., I won’t have a problem with you posting what you told me after I presented the draft website. I believe your comment was, “Worth the wait.”