NYC Council Land Use Committee Approves Dock Street DUMBO

BHB’s Sarah Portlock tells us that the New York City Council’s Land Use Committee overwhelmingly gave its OK to Two Trees’ Dock Street DUMBO project today.   The plan will go before the full City Council for approval on June 10.

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  • heights gal

    thank god reason has prevailed!

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    A link to Ben Muessig’s awesome, comprehensive, lightning-fast story in The Brooklyn Paper would have been nice for your readers. As a courtesy, I’ll provide it here:

    That Ben Muessig — he’s amazing!

    The Brooklyn Paper

  • nabeguy

    Sounds more like treason has prevailed.

  • adam

    This will be good for the neighborhood, it will provide a new school, new retail, affordable housing, public parking and also hopefully will motivate some of the most obnoxious residents of 70 Washington Street to move to France.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    Nice to know that corruption guides the City Council. Voting is for suckers people!

  • Local Guy

    Hey adam, if they commit to using the $25K they want from the buildings coffers to move to France then I vote “yes” to giving them the money.

  • nabeguy

    Adam, is it really necessary on your part to diminish your arguments with a jingoistic coda? Since you seem to be so wall-obsessed, why don’t we just build one across Old Fulton Street that will keep all the people you deem unworthy from residing in Dumbo? Que une idiot!