Tasti-Delite RIP

Tasti-Delite at 91 Montague Street is now sleeping with the fishes.  What's next?

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  • hkjh

    why on earth stay open all winter and close a week before Spring?

  • http://keever.livejournal.com keever

    They weren’t open all winter — they’ve been closed for months now. It looked like they had just shuttered temporarily for the season, but I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the equipment inside seems to have been removed.

  • BP

    Maybe the Blue Pig was more competition than they could handle?

  • CB_Photography

    I’ll always remember this place for a sign it posted last summer saying “Out of Flavors.” The store was still open, mind you, but had no more flavors. Of course, I think Tasti-D has no flavor on its best day, but the sign made me wonder if they were temporarily selling flavorless fro-yo.

  • http://www.petebrush.com pbdotc

    Tasti Delite sucks.


  • hkjh

    also, those shops are a pain for people with strollers.

  • Homer Fink

    They’re a pain for anyone with legs.