Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Nearby

This weekend — late Friday evening, May 6 to early Monday morning, May 9 — is a “green light” weekend, as there are no planned service changes that directly affect service at any local stations. The green light remains in effect for the following work week — Monday morning, May 9 through Friday evening, May 13.

While there are no PLANNED service changes affecting service at local stations for this weekend and the following week, always check MTA Info for unplanned service changes that may affect local service or service on other parts of your trip, or for planned service changes that affect stations to or from which you may be traveling. You can also get real time service alerts: register here.

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  • mac

    Update: just went to High Street A/C and it’s closed this weekend . Reroute

  • Claude Scales

    Interesting. I just checked the MTA Planned Service Changes site, and it shows, for today, A and C trains being re-routed to the F. Neither was shown to be re-routed during the weekend when I checked the site Thursday evening.

  • Mike Suko

    And there WAS some re-routing (again) with the N/R at Court St., although I think that station remained accessible if one listened carefully to announcements and/or came BACK from Atlantic after going over the bridge & bypassing Dekalb.

    In that your source is defective – maybe, the switch away from and then back toward Twitter to handle announcements was disruptive – perhaps, this column should go on hiatus. Really, nothing is worse than providing guidance that turns out to be wrong, … and regular subway riders probably use their phones to check things on weekends. Yes, even those who follow BHB.

  • Claude Scales

    I’m taking you up on your suggetion. It relieves me of one weekly chore.

  • AEB

    Oh, Claude, please don’t! I depend on your subway updates, and I’m sure others do too!