A Salute to the Promenade Gardeners

As winter sets in, it’s a good time to recognize the work of the Promenade Gardeners, who tend to the variety of flowering and ornamental plants that grow alongside the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Mary Frost, in the Eagle, covered their end of season celebration, interviewing many of them and horticulturalist Anil Chandrakumar, whom the Parks Department has assigned to the Promenade Gardens, the responsibility for which is shared by the Department and by the Brooklyn Heights Association. The Department and the BHA are partners in the Promenade Garden Conservancy Project. Ms. Frost also interviewed Koren Volk, who serves as Project manager for the Conservancy.

If you would like to volunteer to work with the Promenade Gardeners, please email pjc@thebha.org or call 718-858-9193.

Photo: Promenade Gardeners at work (C. Scales, 2013).

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