This Saturday’s Dog & Cat Adoption Event Postponed to May 30th

Due to a possible conflict with the Jen Aniston movie currently being filmed around Pineapple St. that may take up available parking spaces, the mobile dog/cat adoption event originally scheduled for May 16th has been postponed until May 30th.

Sorry folks, but due to another last minute  issue with Animal Haven, the Height adoption event is cancelled. We’ll try this again in the future with another animal adoption shelter.

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  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Why does Jennifer Aniston hate animals?

  • AEB

    Yes, good thing all priorities are in order….

    …but if the adoption “unit” is portable, why can’t it set-up elsewhere?

  • Matthew Parker

    It was Animal Haven’s call. They are the ones operating the van and bringing most of the adoptable animals.

    Animal Haven wanted their initial adoption event in Bklyn Heights to be outside of the the co-sponsor Perfect Paws, which is on Pineapple Street. The Aniston movie has city permits to be on Pineapple St and the surrounding areas.

    Both Perfect Paws and Animal Haven didn’t want a potential conflict with the permitted filming company or a potential hassle setting up a van in another location that might conflict with residents who may not wish to have a mobile adoption van parked in front of their house.

  • Jenny

    Can anyone tell me whether this is still happening tomorrow? And is it still from 12-5? Thank you.

  • Matthew Parker


    Yes, the Adoption Event is still on, and just confirmed this with Tom at Perfect Paws.

    It will be from 11am-5pm tomorrow, Saturday, May 30th at the corner of Pineapple and Hicks Street, next to Perfect Paws.

  • Matthew Parker

    Jenny: Please disregrd my 11:32am posting. Tom from Perfect Paws just called back and apparently due to some insurance issue with Animal Haven and their adoption van, they are unable to come tomorrow.

    We’ll try rescheduling this event sometime in the near future with a different animal rescue group.

  • Jane

    If you are looking for an adoption even tomorrow, I would suggest the event being put on by In Our Hands at Smith and Bergen from noon on. My husband and I have adopted two wonderful dogs through them.