Bad News: Massive Film Production Taking Over Neighborhood This Tuesday May 3rd. Good News: Tom Holland Sighting Anyone?

According to a sign posted on Henry St., Apple Studios will be filming “Ever’s Blueberry” aka “The Crowded Room” on Tuesday, May 3rd from 5:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. You won’t want to park on the following streets:

Henry St. b/t Clark and Cranberry Sts. (Full Block)
Clark St. b/t Henry St. and Monroe Place (Full Block)
Henry St. b/t Clark St. and Love Lane (Half Block)
Cadman Plaza West b/t Tillary and Middagh Sts. (Full Block)
Columbia Heights b/t Cranberry St. and Vine St. (Full Block)
Vine St. b/t Columbia Heights and McKenny St. (Half Block) (McKenny St?)
Montague St. b/t Montague Terrace and Hicks St. (Quarter Block)
Montague St. b/t Henry and Hicks Sts. (Quarter Block)

The show is described in the Hollywood Reporter as a “seasonal anthology that will explore inspirational stories of those who have struggled, and learned to successfully live with, mental illness.” The first season is billed as a thriller and based in part on the award-winning biography The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes.

Share your pics of Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, or Emmy Rossum here if you spot them.

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  • aeshtron

    Why is it increasingly difficult to park my privately-owned, ugly, bloated, pollution-belching vehicle for free in NYC? Cities are for cars, not people!

    Me thinks that parking restrictions begin at 6:00am tomorrow (May 3rd). It is my understanding that vehicles parked in film zones will not be ticketed but may be towed “somewhere nearby”. Depending on how much one cares about their vehicle, it may be easier to let moving it be the headache of the production crew. And as for allowing private film crews (and other for-profit enterprises) to use public land for free while receiving subsidies, tax-breaks/incentives…

  • Jorale-man

    There’s been a filming on State Street near Sidney Place for the past several days as well. I haven’t spotted any celebs hanging around though. And whatever the inconveniences, I’m grateful that the crew all wear masks on the job.

  • jbkh

    Saw Peter Dinklage on State Street coming out of a brownstone for She Came to Me! I’m always surprised people get so upset about filming in the neighborhood; perhaps it’s because I don’t have a car, but it’s pretty cool living somewhere worthy of filming.