Clark Street Citi Bike Station Is Back!

Just in time for the Elevocalypse Elevegeddon Clark Street 2/3 Station shutdown, the Clark Street Citi Bike docking station has returned! Temporarily removed while Clark Street was repaved (for what seemed like an eternity), as of Thursday afternoon the bike docks were reinstalled and ready for action. It’s unclear how much of the busy docking station’s usage came from subway commuters, but it seems like a great opportunity for locals to try it as an alternative to their usual commuting routine. If you can snag an e-bike, the Manhattan commute becomes much easier for those of us without thighs of steel. And it’s especially useful to reach all the great, hard-to-get-to-by-mass-transit spots south of Atlantic Avenue, or east of Court Street, or to generally avoid the pervading sense of ennui on Montague Street.

You can find more info about Citi Bike (including pricing) on their website here.

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  • Lucky Larry

    Wow. Now I can choose which alternate station I can head to in the morning. York Street, Jay Street MetroTech, Borough Hall, all just a 3 minute bike ride away… how to decide?! Maybe I’ll change it up and try a new station each day!

  • Alex

    I don’t recommend York St. The roads are absolutely terrible/bumpy. Borough Hall is faster (I can get there in 2 minutes), while High St doesn’t have a station right next to it so I just walk.