Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Nearby

I’m calling this a “green light weekend” because, barring unforeseen circumstances, there will be service at all local stations from late Friday evening, September 24 to early Monday morning, September 27, although 2 trains will be running on a slightly less frequent schedule (every 12 minutes). Indeed, there will be extra  service in both directions at Court Street and Jay street, as  N (which usually only serve Brooklyn Heights late at night) and Q trains will be diverted to the R line from midnight Saturday morning to early Monday morning.

There are no planned service changes directly affecting service at any local stations the following work week, rush hour Monday morning, September 27 to Friday evening, October 1.

These are the PLANNED service changes for the coming weekend and following work week. If you’re planning to take a train not affected by these planned changes, we urge you to first check New MTA Info to see if there are any unplanned service disruptions.


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