Clark Street Being Milled and Resurfaced

In case you haven’t noticed, Clark Street (photo taken today) from Cadman Plaza West to Columbia Heights is being milled. This schedule shows milling continuing through today, with no work scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, September 10); presumably resurfacing will be done early next week.  Update: (see photo below)IMG_5707

The street is still unpaved, but passable for traffic. Evidently re-paving is more than a week away, as next week’s street work schedule doesn’t include Clark Street. Of course, as reader Cassie VonMontague points out in the comments below, if they feel like paving it next week, they might. If so, those with cars parked on Clark may be given short notice to move them, or, as reader Heightsman notes, they may be moved for you.

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  • CassieVonMontague

    Note that those schedules are merely suggestions. They’ll move everyone’s car and resurface the road when they feel like it.

  • Arch Stanton

    Note, “When they feel like it” means, when weather conditions are favorable and equipment is available (they have many other streets to do).

  • Heightsman

    I love when they move my car for me. Much appreciated. Works like a charm.

  • Lucky Larry

    The consistent noise is definitely intrusive, but at least one productive thing is getting done out of this work: it’s pissing off private car owners that live in Brooklyn Heights who think they’re entitled to free on-street parking on the narrow thoroughfares of this neighborhood.

  • aarrrrrimapirate

    Repaving is done more than a week after milling in order to let utility companies get work in without them tearing up freshly laid asphalt.