Will Hell Freeze Over – er – the Bossert Open Next Month?

A big hat tip to reader Cassie Von Montague who alerted us on OTW to this Brownstoner story about the Bossert Hotel at 98 Montague Street (corner of Hicks), which has been undergoing renovation for some years and has had many projected opening dates come and go. The Brownstoner story refers to websites showing furnished hotel rooms and inviting reservations, starting on April 30, with prices that “range from $246 to $303 a night.” It also indicates that the Bossert has a new manager, IHG Hotels & Resorts. Brownstoner tried to contact IHG, but got no reply.

Let’s see if this finally works out.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Will believe it when it happens. Meanwhile, reposting another postcard of the Bossert as it was, once upon a time:

  • travy

    this place has always seemed to big to succeed. how many rooms does it have and how many need to be booked daily to stay afloat? i just don’t see the demand even in non pandemic years. happy to be wrong tho and would love a new fun bar!

  • Peter Darrow

    At least in is now in the hands of a serious hotel operator with major world wide brands such as Intercontinental. That bodes well.

  • Jorale-man

    It seems like it might be pitched at European travelers, which doesn’t bode so well for the immediate future. Americans will probably be coming back to NYC by the summer, with vaccinations happening, though a large percentage of them go straight to midtown and the theater district. Will be interesting to see what the marketing materials suggest about their target audience.

  • Banet

    About 279 rooms according to a variety of articles about the hotel on this blog. Speaking of which, in going back to find those articles I see that there have been articles written about this renovation for a full nine years. Nine years. Whoever the investors were, they got screwed.