Guardian Reviews “Not Another Second,” Photographic Show at Watermark About LGBTQ Seniors

Several weeks ago we posted about a photographic exhibit, “Not Another Second,” coming to The Watermark, the luxury senior housing in what was previously the Towers Hotel (photo), at 21 Clark Street (corner of Willow). The exhibit features photos and stories of LGBTQ seniors, telling of their struggles about concealing or revealing their sexuality to family, employers, co-workers, and friends.

“Not Another Second” opened on January 19, and has received a very positive review from Nadja Sayej in The Guardian (US). In her story, “‘I refused to let them intimidate me': the untold stories of LGBT+ seniors”, Ms. Sayej notes that the exhibit

tells the stories of a dozen LGBT+ senior citizens who tell their own coming out stories. Each photographic portrait and video interview is marked with a number, like “16 years”, representing the time they lost to staying in the closet, based on societal expectations of the past.

“Not Another Second” is open at the Watermark, admission free, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays through March 27. Reservations are required; you may make them here.

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  • StudioBrooklyn

    This is great—thank you! Shared with my school’s GSA.

  • Andrew Porter

    I went through the show, but admit my real reason for going was to see the interior of the building, what they’d done to the spaces they bought from the JWs.