Rioters Smash Windows at Atlantic Avenue Businesses

Update: Sahadi’s tells us they had no windows damaged. “Our neighbors had a little graffiti but our windows and façade had zero damage.” The Bklynr story includes a photo of a boarded-over window at Urban Outfitters, which is on the opposite side of Atlantic from Sahadi’s. Bklynr reports that on Tuesday night rioters smashed windows and did other damage to 39 businesses along Atlantic Avenue, including Sahadi’s (photo). Five police officers suffered minor injuries, and nine police vehicles were vandalized. The rioters, estimated at 200, appeared to have come from an otherwise peaceful demonstration in Fort Greene Park reacting to the killing by Philadelphia police of Walter Wallace Jr., a mentally disturbed Black man holding a knife. Bklynr interviewed Kate Chura, executive director of the Atlantic Avenue BID. “’Our understanding from the NYPD is that the original march started in Fort Greene Park and this was a sort of spillover splinter group, which has kind of been the MO that we’ve seen,’ Ms. Chura said.”

For the future, Chura says she doesn’t quite know how to help businesses prepare.

“It’s always best to build relationships, but if you have people coming from nowhere it’s going to take a larger effort. Coordination, intervention. Or, everyone just goes and puts down a roll-down door. But these are businesses that are barely able to keep the doors open during the pandemic,” she said.

The Daily News reports that Mayor de Blasio condemned the violence. According to the Daily News story: “‘No violence is acceptable,’ he said. ‘Of course those offenses should be prosecuted, and I absolutely want to see those prosecutions.’”

Flickr photo by Rachael Ash

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  • Arch Stanton

    FYI, the outrage is because the number of black people shot by police is vastly disproportionate to that of whites.

  • urallidiots

    Fascist? Anything but… I’m not big on labels but if I had to pick one, I’d use Libertarian. That means instead of shutting down your comments, I advocate for providing you with the biggest megaphone on the most robust platform. That will enable you to broadcast your ignorance and noxious tone for all to see. And, it will allow the community to call you out for your bad ideas and bad behavior. I am every bit as much a member of this community as you are. It’s just that I am typically far less vocal. I commented only because your attitude bothered me. I find smug and ignorant to be a particularly offputting combination and you have a persistent need to display both traits.

    Keep yapping. We all know you’re a clown. I have said what I have to say. Anything more would be redundant.

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Yet you drew the conclusion that the protesters were the culprits.

  • Susan O’Doherty

    The fact that police also go out of control and kill white people makes it not an issue?

  • Arch Stanton

    So far that’s the only conclusion the evidence shows.

  • aeshtron

    “They said it was for the black man
    They said it was for the Mexican, and not for the white man
    But if you looked at the streets, it wasn’t about Rodney King
    It’s about this f¥€£ed up situation and these f∆€+ed up police
    It’s about coming up and staying on top…”