Open Thread Wednesday

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  • AndyHeights

    Does anyone know if the Art Walk on Atlantic Avenue is only on weekends or during the week as well? I have a friend who wants to see it but I can’t find the exact dates if it is happening on week days.

  • Jorale-man

    Saw Con-Ed workers digging up the stones on Joralemon St. this morning to do some underground repair work beneath the street. Wouldn’t it be nice if the city would take this opportunity to level the surface below the entire street and replace the portion near Columbia Heights where the blacktop intrudes? One can always wish.

  • W.R.

    I’ve been seeing rats for the first time in 8 years on willow place. Is anyone else seeing more rats? Please put your garbage in cans without holes. And use 311 to get the city to deploy bait.

  • Reggie

    I think the art is in storefronts and on the sidewalk, in which case it is available 24/7.

  • Andrew Porter

    Great photo of that row on Pierrepont. Those curved windows are incredibly expensive to replace nowadays!

    Here’s a photo of the same buildings taken by Harold Mayer in 1956:

  • meschwar

    So is any trick or treating happening this year at all? I would think it could be done safely from stoops.

  • CassieVonMontague

    It’s been ten years last march since pier 1 opened in Brooklyn Bridge Park and I’d like to recognize what a success the park has been for the neighborhood especially in these times when open spaces are one of the few safe places to be.

    I would like to point out the alternative history in Williamsburg where developers begrudgingly gave over slivers of land that are now crowded with people and boxed in by ugly condos.

    The not-for-profit Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation does a great job maintaining a park that has over 100,000 visitors a week. Meanwhile, condo boards in Williamsburg are suing the city for failure to maintain the waterfront:

  • Angela De Marco

    If anyone knows the woman who feels that potty training her son on the street is acceptable behavior, please inform her that it is not. She was seen on the corner northwest corner of Pierrepont and Hicks on Sunday at noon. The point of potty training, I thought, was to train your child to use the bathroom facilities, not the street. Gross, disgusting, inappropriate, and just more of the complete lack of civility that now permeates this neighborhood.

  • Jorale-man

    Here’s a new one. There was a middle-aged man picking up his son today on Livingston Street, where it can get (uncomfortably) crowded at 3pm when students are let out at Packer. He wasn’t wearing a mask and he had a T-shirt loudly spouting some anti-mask propaganda (I won’t repeat it here and give oxygen to his “theory”).

    At least two people on the sidewalk questioned him but he seemed gunning for an argument. His young son didn’t have a mask either. I can only imagine what the teachers and staff there have to deal with.

  • Reggie

    The waterfront open space in Williamsburg goes beyond the promenades required of developers but that said, the state park in the Northside has received a fraction of the funding that BBP has enjoyed. I once spoke to State Senator Marty Connor (remember him?) about the two then-nascent parks in his district and he told me that he could only support one, and it was going to be “the one in my neighborhood.” Actual quote.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Marty! Amazing to think he got primaried by Squadron who then resigned less than ten years later because he thought Albany was too corrupt.

  • meschwar

    What are we talking here? 1 or 2? I think 1 is forgivable. When they are first learning, there isn’t always a lot of lead time for kids.

    And the first POINT of potty training, is in fact just getting them to not pee in their pants.

  • Reggie

    And Squadron resigned in such a way that he could hand-pick his successor. He is in no position to talk about corrupt. I was a big fan of Squadron but with that one move, he wiped away most of the good feeling, which probably worries him none since he no longer needs the public to think well of him. Now that the senator is from Manhattan, it’s almost like we don’t have one.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Our sidewalks, garbage bags, tree pits, and stoops are covered in dog urine anyway.

    I saw a big, white labradoodle pissing all over a bag of recycling on Joralemon. Someone’s job is to pick that bag up and put it in a truck. That’s what I would call a “complete lack of civility.”

  • Angela De Marco

    Not acceptable

  • Angela De Marco

    Stop. I cannot believe you are making this comparison or maybe you are equally ignorant and classless

  • gc

    Take a look around you,
    Between the entitled crowd and the Trumpsters..
    It’s bound to scare you,

  • Arch Stanton

    I wish the city would rip up all the blocks and pave the street. They can become treacherously icy and slippery in the winter. It’s one thing to preserve cobblestones on level, tertiary streets or in pedestrian malls, not a good idea on steep hills.

  • ON

    It’s not possible nor safe these days to just walk in a shop and ask for permission to let kids use their private bathroom. I assumed they had a portable potty. It’s not ideal but I would cut them some slack, being parents to a young kids in a middle of a pandemic is already stressful. I’m more furious with people not wear masks properly. It’s something they can easily comply but choose not to, as oppose to a small child unable to hold it in.

  • DJ

    Does anyone else hear the high pitched tone that occasionally goes off at nighttime that seems to be coming from outside around the Hicks and Montague area? Lasts about four seconds and then repeats every 12-13 seconds. Feel like I am losing my mind!

  • CassieVonMontague

    It’s the fog signal. It must be associated with the ferry service because I don’t remember a fog signal before the ferry service started. I wish there were a more detailed explanation somewhere

  • Mr. Hicks

    love it. keep ’em coming, Andrew

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, it is slippery. I suspect if they’d redo it like they did Washington Street in Dumbo, the traction problems could be alleviated. But the DOT probably has bigger fish to fry.

  • lois

    Is Dashing Diva on Montague Street closing? I was there yesterday and overheard something. Don’t want to start rumors if it’s not true – just asking.

  • DJ

    Ah, thank you

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow, how about all those people traipsing through the Heights en route to the park? All those wonderful teenagers who have turned Joralemon into a thruway for their disruptive behavior? The petty vandalism in the north Heights—trash cans tossed around, graffiti, etc.—that the opening of the BBP brought?

    How about all the disruptive buildings that BBP brought? The horrible bridge-blocking hotel/apartments? The highrise at the south end of BBP?

    Selective memories of the creation of BBP are not what I would have expected from you.

  • Andrew Porter

    One of my photos of the Brooklyn Bridge-blocking PierHouse under construction:

  • JaneonOrange

    It definitely was the fog signal–I heard it. It actually brought me back to the 70s when I lived on Willow and heard fog horns all the time from the bay.

  • CassieVonMontague
  • StudioBrooklyn

    Political yard sign logic absolutely fascinates me.

    Person who displays them: “This is the political candidate/position I’m voting for and you should too so I’m going to show you this sign on my property and hope it convinces you and alerts you as to my preference.”

    Person who vandalizes them: “I disagree with the political candidate/position advertised on this sign. If I destroy the sign, it will somehow affect the outcome of the election and instead my preferred side will prevail.”

    Fully disclosing that I’m posting this as someone who is very proud of the homemade “Black Lives Matter” sign in their kid’s window.