Montague BID Head Tapped to Lead Atlantic Avenue BID; Will Have Both Roles

The Eagle has reported that Kate Chura has been named the new Executive Director of the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District (“BID”), of which she has been serving as interim Executive Director for some time. She has also served as Executive Director of the Montague Street BID for almost five years, and will continue to hold that post concurrently with that at Atlantic Avenue.

The Eagle story quotes Greg Markman, board chair of the Montague Street BID, praising Ms. Chura for her “marketing efforts”; her help in getting a “greenest commercial block” award, and her promotion of “events that brought foot traffic to Montague Street ….” He added that

“Over the past six months, the efforts of Kate and her team have helped some of our businesses remain open during the pandemic. I’m confident that she will help the businesses on Montague Street and Atlantic Avenue continue to navigate the new business landscape and thrive as best as they can.”

The only fly we can see in this ointment is: suppose, after the pandemic fades, there are (as we think there are likely to be) many vacant commercial spaces on both Montague and Atlantic. If rivalry develops over who gets new tenants, can she remain neutral?

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  • disqus_NCsPYOIlUl

    Yes, that sounds like a serious conflict of interest. How does she propose to deal with it?

  • Reggie

    You mean, like, she’s going to favor the shoe store on Atlantic at the expense of the place on Montague? She’s going to try and boost business on both streets. It’s not a zero-sum game.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I think hypothetical conflicts of interest on the BIDs are the least of everyone’s worries in this environment for small businesses. (I’m not saying tough times call for relaxing ethics, I’m just saying this particular “issue” is a non-issue and we should be talking about her plans to support the districts, not some parlor game exercise.)

  • SongBirdNYC

    It’s not a conflict of interest when the goal is to support all businesses across the board. Keep in mind the stores on the North Side of Atlantic Avenue are considered to be in Brooklyn Heights. I do wish however, the BID included other businesses throughout the Heights. Baby steps. I’ve worked with Kate and she is one of the most level-headed and fair people I have ever met. I wish her nothing but success and our stores are all the better for having her in their corner.