A New Brooklyn Bridge?

Scene: You, deciding to take a scenic, leisurely stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge. You, impeded by selfie-taking tourists. You, side-swiped by Tour-de-France-in-training cyclists. (I kid! I kid! Kind of.)

Who among us has not grimly wished that SOMEBODY please do SOMETHING about the non-vehicular traffic on the Bridge?

Fret not, neighbors: Our City Council has heard you, and now you can make your preferences known in a competition to re-design the Bridge’s walkway.

Brooklyn Paper reports that the City Council and the Van Alen Institute have chosen six finalists, three from architecture firms and three from contestants under 21, to expand the pedestrian and cycling opportunities on the historic structure.

Among the finalists is Arup, engineer/repairer of the late, ill-fated Squibb Bridge.

One plan includes eliminating vehicle traffic entirely, another envisions “microforest” bridge bookends, and third calls for a glass deck.

Details/renderings are available in Brooklyn Paper.

The public can view the final presentations via Zoom on July 23 at 6pm by registering here, and you can vote for your favorite design during the last week in July.




Photo: Steven Depolo via flickr. Used with permission

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