Some Heights Residents Slow on Census Response

Rob Perris, District Manager for Brooklyn Community Board 2, which includes Brooklyn Heights. has advised us that Census Tract 3.01, which is bordered by Pineapple Street on the north, Hicks Street on the east, Joralemon street on the south. and the East River on the west, to date has a census response rate of only 40-50 percent. This is well below the rate of neighboring tracts, such as the one above Pineapple; bravo, North Heights residents. Rob suggests this may be related to the flight of many Heights residents to supposedly more salubrious environs like the Hamptons, where you can get your link to the census, as can anyone else.. So, come on, Census Tract 3.01 residents, wherever you may be: go on line, as I did (although I’m right here in the Heights) and fill out your census forms. It only takes a couple of minutes.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I went on line—from a link here on the BHB—and did it in a few minutes. But I’m not in that geographical area.