Mystery Sailboat at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina Houses Healthcare Workers

Those of you who, like me, have taken solitary, or with spouse/partner, exercise on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade may have noticed a single white hulled sailboat docked at the ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina, located between piers 4 and 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This New York Magazine “Intelligencer” Article by Laura Van Straaten explains how it came and what it’s doing there. The boat, named Turning Point, belongs to Rachel Hartley, an ICU nurse from Virginia, and her husband, Taylor Hartley. When Ms. Hartley learned there was a critical shortage of ICU nurses in New York, she left her job in Virginia to come here, sailing north with Mr. Hartley. She now works in the ICU at NYU Langone in Sunset Park. Ms. Hartley invited two friends, a nurse and paramedic from Cleveland, Ohio, and another paramedic from Virginia, to join them and live on the boat. The Marina is giving them free dockage for two months, and they are receiving meals from Estuary, the restaurant in One Brooklyn Bridge Park that is also providing meals to frontline workers in Brooklyn hospitals.

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