Helping Cats in the Time of Coronavirus

Working from home? Schooling from home? What better time to bring a furry friend in as a foster?

You definitely need some company now that you’re cooped up, and now that the kids are home, they can learn all about the care and feeding of a foster feline (or four).

Our own Brooklyn Cat Cafe is seeking both fosters and transport help. Not ready to take in an animal? Have a car? You can transport cats and supplies to their new foster homes…minimal human contact, maximum good for the community.

Also, it gets you out of the house for an hour or two without having to be in close contact with humans.

Do it for Pumpkin…

Application to foster a cat

Roster of cats available to foster


Application to transport 

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  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    it’s easier to adopt a child or get into NYU compared to adopting a cat from this organization. I have applied 2x and have always been rejected, because I never owned a pet before. I even identified a vet I would use when I got a cat. I understand that there are cruel and irresponsible people out there, but this organization needs to be realistic when screening potential owners. I have to believe my home is better than a cafe. Does anyone know a resource that doesn’t require 3 references and a home visit to adopt a cat? thanks.