Man Stabbed In the Chest Leaving Clark Street Bodega

The NYPD is investigating after a man was stabbed outside a Brooklyn [Heights] deli Tuesday morning.

Authorities say the 49-year-old victim was leaving the bodega on Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights around 6:30 a.m. when he was stabbed in the chest.

He was rushed to New York Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist Hospital in stable condition.

A man in his 20s or 30s fled on foot.

Police recovered a folding knife at the scene.”

The blog contacted the 84th Precinct for a comment and was directed to call 1 Police Plaza. No comment is available at this time. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

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  • Heightsguy77

    My God! A man gets stabbed in the chest and we’re debating whether the location of the stabbing was a market or a bodega!?!?!

    Has anyone been updated on the man’s condition? Has the stabber been caught? I haven’t seen any updates.

  • aeshtron

    Penny Bridge is a bodega.

  • Brooklyn Noob

    100% untrue. “Numerous crimes of violence or potential violence are found among the state’s so-called nonviolent felonies, including certain robberies, rapes, and assaults.” Per John Jay Professor Barry Latzer. Judges have no latitude to interpret. Bad stuff and the first of many heading us toward more crime. When the economy collapses under the weight of the debt the orange man in the white house is running up . . . look out.

  • Diane W

    This is simply not true. And here’s how it is proven. Give just one example, just one, of a rape or assault suspect given bail relief under the new law. Include the docket number so it can be verified. If violent felons are really being released, they should be very easy for you to do.

  • Andrew Porter

    Topic drift coupled with short attention span theater: ain’t it wonderful?

  • Arch Stanton
  • Arch Stanton
  • Edo Express

    Your statement is factually true, and very lawyerly I might add. The problem however, and a fact you conveniently omit, is that NY penal code categorizes many crimes that involve violence, such as third degree assault, as a misdemeanor, and as such, bail is no longer permitted.

    Your exasperation is misplaced because current thinking is that the uptick of crime in the last 6 weeks as per the police commission
    is due to the bail reform. That said, I personally think the recent increase in some crimes in NYC which predate the bail reform, is more complex and in part due to the mayor fostering a perception and culture of lawlessness because of his pursuit of what he thinks is a protection of civil liberties on the subway and the street.

    If this CBS news information is true, here is a list of all the crimes no longer eligible for bail under the new reform.

  • BrooklynHeightzer

    We, the residents of Brooklyn Heights want to get to the bottom of issues… and the condition of the person is of little relevance to the discussion!

  • Standish Matt D

    I have..

  • aconcernedneighbor

    Ha ha great moniker Matt.

  • Heightsguy77

    Do you like apples, aconcernedneighbor?

  • aconcernedneighbor

    You guys are on FIRE!! 🔥

  • Teresa

    One of my favorite ads ever.

  • Arch Stanton

    The requirement being it is a bodega.