TMBG Free Concert in Prospect Park July 11

According to The Brooklyn Paper, They Might Be Giants will be playing a free show in Prospect Park on July 11. Read more at CHB.

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  • Lindsey

    Hooray! I’ve been a fan of TMBG since their very early years. I think the children’s focus makes sense as many of their early fans now have kids. Thanks for sharing.

  • anon

    Are you joking? That’s ridiculous. The place is too tiny for a full band. The funny thing is I remember more than 15 years ago when Itzhak Perlman performed at Great Wall. Good show and great food. I think that was the last of any concerts there.

  • Claude Scales

    Actually, since TMBG is down to two members (the two Johns) now, they can fit in. I understand they’re going to do “Chopsticks.”

  • No One Of Consequence

    I hope they play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song… and the Hot Dog Song!!!
    Even though I have kids, I think this is the last place I would want to be.

  • lifer

    TMBG are St. Ann’s alumni I believe

  • The Where

    Great Wall must send Homer a check right now.

  • AEB

    Actually, Great Wall has its own performing kick-line: The Wokettes.


  • Claude Scales

    Do the Wokettes do an old moo-shoe routine?

    (Double ouch!)

  • AEB

    …for the holiday show…I mean, SHOE, Claude….

    (Triple…oh, forget it!)

  • nabeguy

    ….performed at the great Hall…be sure not to miss their taipan dancing take on Savion Glover.

  • hoppy

    For an encore they do the cancan-tonese

  • AEB

    …plus their signature tune, “Great Walls of Fire”….