84th Precinct Crime Blotter

It was a busy week last week for muggings and apartment break-ins in the area. For related crimes in Boerum Hill, check out Cobble Hill Blog. Here’s a round-up:

A man tried to break into a woman’s apartment with a crowbar — but the woman came home just in time before any damage was done. The incident happened on April 20, when the woman returned to her Lawrence Street apartment at 10 am, just as the man was prying open her lock. The victim pushed in the door and scared the man away, and immediately called cops.

In a classic distract-and-steal move, two perps stole a woman’s purse from a popular Fulton Ferry ice cream stand on April 18, making off with her $1,000 designer purse, an expensive wallet, and her fancy digital camera. The woman and her husband — tourists from Texas — told cops that they were enjoying the sunny day just after 12 pm, when a man sat down next to them and started talking. Security cameras show that while they were distracted, the man’s accomplice grabbed her purse, and then the two men suddenly run out of the store. The thieves wasted no time, and by 1:15 pm, they had already purchased a laptop. The woman closed her credit cards, and called the cops.

A professional photographer came home to his Cranberry Street apartment on April 15, only to discover that $6,256 worth of equipment was stolen. Cops are still investigating how the perp would have broken into the apartment, which is between Columbia Heights and Willow Street, or how the burglar knew what to take.

A perp mugged a 15-year-old boy near the corner of Atlantic and Court streets on April 13, making off with only $4. The perp told his prey to “empty your pockets,” and the victim told cops that he didn’t want any problems so he handed over all his dollar bills and ran away.

An 88-year-old woman was the victim of a telephone scam — but realized her mistake and called cops before any damage could be done. On March 10, a man called the woman, who lives on Grace Court, and said he was an FBI agent and needed to meet with her so she could sign some legal documents. But first, he had to fly to her from Australia and needed her credit card number to buy his ticket. The woman gave him her information, but then, several minutes later, quickly cancelled her credit card. The woman told cops that no activity was listed on her account, but that the caller’s number came from the Federal Trade Commission offices in Washington. Cops are investigating the incident.

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