Nabe Author Linda Cateura Profiled

The Brooklyn Eagle has an interview with nabe author Linda Cateura, who recently released her latest book, Voices of American Muslims

Brooklyn Eagle: Listening to the Lives of Others Shapes Heights Author’s Long Career:  Cateura, a Heights resident since 1966, was first inspired to pen her own books when she was a fiction editor at Harper’s Bazaar. “A good long time ago,” she worked there for seven years, and the number of poor stories that crossed her desk took their toll. “After years of reading bad stories about unreal people, real people on paper fascinated me,” she said.

Her first book, Oil Painting Secrets from a Master, is still her most popular. A painter herself, Cateura was a student of the book’s subject, David Leffel, and for two years she followed him during workshop sessions. “I thought he was so fabulous,” she said. The book consists of her notes capturing his teaching style as well as many color illustrations and demonstrations.

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