Why Does New York Make It So Hard to Vote? Find Out Tonight!

Ever wonder why New York makes it so hard to vote?* Do you think automatic voter registration just makes common sense? Do you dream of the day you can vote by mail in your sweatpants? Voting Rights/Reform groups Let NY Vote and Common Cause are hosting a free “People’s Hearing” on election reform tonight at 7pm at the First Unitarian Congregational Society on Pierrepont street. They are encouraging people to come by and share their opinions (and you know you have opinions). City Council Member Jumaane Williams is expected to make an appearance. It’s unclear what the end result of this meeting is supposed to be, but at least you can have a good shout!

Also, Let NY Vote is also asking for people to share their 2018 election day stories with them.



*The answer is: because they don’t want you to.

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