Fascati Pizzeria Back From Vacation as of Yesterday (Sat. 9/15)

That is all….

UPDATE: But not open today (Sunday) and likely not tomorrow (Monday). Get your slice on Tuesday.


Photo from Google Maps.

Photo from Google Maps.

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  • Sweeties

    Only eleven days after their advertised re-opening, which could be a record, no?

  • AnonyMom

    Maybe! The same thing happened last year-they just decided to extend their vacation. Can’t blame them, it’s a billion degrees in the shop with the ovens going. I popped my head in to say hi, tell them the neighborhood missed them and lovingly suggested with a wink that next summer when they put the date on their sign they add “ish” next to it. ;)

  • South Brooklyn Boys

    I wonder if the workers get paid while they are closed?

  • Herman on Henry

    It’s their business they can open and close as they see fit.

  • AEB

    It is indeed. But the point of a storefront business is to sell things, which involves a measure of responsibility to its customers.

    Saying you’ll be reopen on a certain date and then delaying that opening by more than ten days without explanation–not good practice.

  • Heightsman

    Thank the lord! Can’t wait to be back in town tomorrow night!

  • Eddyde

    Sadly, I can no longer enjoy my beloved Fascati, due to gluten intolerance. I hope all who can make the most of it.