A Bird Spotting Walk Leads From Pier 1 to Newly Opened Pier 3

Your correspondent roused himself from bed early Saturday morning in time to join Heather Wolf and a group of other orinthophiles for a bird spotting walk around Pier One and the newly opened Pier Three in Brooklyn Bridge Park. On our walk around Pier One we saw many birds, mostly sparrows, starlings, robins, and catbirds. We did find one red winged blackbird on the Bridge View Lawn; unfortunately, it was too far away for me to get a good photo. When we got to the south edge of the pier, I was able to get a shot of two double-crested cormorants perched on pilings, drying their wings.

IMG_1349Arriving at Pier Three, I found this expanse of lawn, with a view of the downtown Manhattan skyline.

IMG_1360One of the objectives of our walk was to find young birds that had hatched in the park during the spring and early summer. We found this juvenile Northern Mockingbird, whose parent was periodically bringing food.

IMG_1363The pier offers several lounging areas, with Adirondack chairs, and some with picnic tables. This is at the pier’s southwest corner.

IMG_1391Near the pier’s nortwest corner, we found two terns, perched on a piling, engaged in courtship.

IMG_1394The mirror labyrinth, located near the pier’s northeastern corner, afforded your correspondent the opportunity to take a simultaneous triple selfie.

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