Cobble Hill Roundup

Some Cobble Hill headlines from around the web including a new eatery, kids movie festival, a thug caught on camera and are Heath and Michelle on the rocks?:

Brooklyn Paper reports on Miriam, the new restaurant opened at the former location of the Hill Diner

The Hill Diner in Cobble Hill has closed. In its place is Miriam, a spin-off of Refael Hasid’s eatery of the same name in Park Slope. The new Miriam, named for Hasid’s mother, is larger, and, he told GO Brooklyn, “even more beautiful than the first.” In a major makeover, Hasid installed a mahogany and copper bar lit with exotic Moroccan lamps, set in an intricate limestone and wood floor and added shimmering blue and green mosaics. While the setting has changed, the Middle Eastern menu — with a twist — stays the same.

“We’re continuing to tell our story,” Hasid said. “There’s just more of it now.”

Courier Life reports on kids movies at Cobble Hill Cinemas:

March 12 brings “Pippi Longstocking.” Share one of your favorite childhood classic characters, the feisty red-headed rebellious Swede, Pippi. This film is the story of a mysterious young girl who moves into the abandoned Villa Villekulla. Pippi lives with a monkey called Mr. Nilsson and her horse Little Old Man, and befriends two neighboring children, Tommy and Annika. Join in the fun-filled adventures of the world’s strongest girl in her first full-length feature film (1969, Sweden, 90 mins.). As a special bonus, viewers will receive a certificate for free studio time at The Painted Pot.

March 26 screens “Madeline.” “In an old house in Paris covered with vines Twelve little girls in a line were learning their lives.” The schoolgirl adventures of mischievous Madeline, a flame-haired orphan, are lovingly adapted from Ludwig Bemelmans’s classic children’s books. The spunky, self-sufficient, and quick-witted Madeline is most adept at finding trouble, but she is also a clever and resourceful problem-solver. Frances McDormand is hilarious as the stern school-mistress, Miss Clavel (1998, 89 mins.). Ola Baby will provide surprises for everyone in attendance.

Courier Life also reports on a thug who was caught on tape stealing from the Cobble Hill Health Center:

Armed with surveillance photos that snapped up every step he made — from his jimmying open an office door to peering out from behind a soda machine to make sure the coast was clear – cops are combing the area for the husky, sticky-fingered thief who made off with a laptop computer, as well as a number of personal items that belonged to an employee.

Cobble  Boerum Hill's celebrity couple, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, have hit a rough patch according to the NY Daily News:


Brooklynites Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have hit a rough patch in their relationship.

"They had a huge fight, and they're not speaking," a source told us last week, although a separate spy says things thawed a little over the Oscars weekend.

Our spy spotted heath in the company of a gaggle of other women (although not misbehaving) without Michelle on Valentine's day at Teddy's in los Angeles.

Williams responded frostily to a question about their relationship during Fashion Week.





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  • webster

    Re: Heath + Heather..

    They live in Boerum Hill, not Cobble Hill.

    Oddly enough though, Forbes also recently got it wrong:

    “Recently, A-listers such as Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger have answered the bohemian call of Brooklyn, plopping down $3.5 million for a four-story brick house with a three-car garage in Brooklyn Heights.”

    From Forbes article: “Star-Studded Neighborhoods”

  • Homer Fink

    You are correct, Webster. Call us madcap but we were blinded by “celebrity news”.

    P.S. Loved you on TV.

  • webster