Mail Bandits in Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Heights Association alerted members via email to be vigilant when using the corner mail boxes.

In recent months, there has been a raft of mail being illegally removed from street corner mailboxes in Brooklyn Heights, which has led to stolen identities and bank and credit card accounts being compromised.

“The NYPD has issued an alert to warn Brooklyn Heights residents that if you are mailing checks, money orders, or tax returns, to protect yourself from mailbox fishing and check fraud by taking these precautions:

  • Drop mail containing checks inside the post office
  • When writing checks, use permanent ink that cannot be erased
  • Check your bank account balance frequently to ensure that the proper amount is debited, and
  • Call 911 immediately if you see anyone tampering with a street mailbox.

The NYPD is working with the appropriate U.S.P.S. authorities to apprehend the responsible individuals.”

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Heights Association

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  • Ian King

    No joke: saw a USPS employee collecting mail from the box on Joralemon and Henry Streets. When the door was open, I saw a huge hole in the bottom of the box due to corrosion of the steel. Someone could just reach under and snag a bunch of mail, if they wanted.

  • Andrew Porter

    I removed my post about this from the Wednesday Daily Thread…

  • Kit

    One of my friends posted a video detailing how he became a victim of this kind of scheme, and he lives in Manhattan.

  • Roberto Gautier

    Just spoke with a friend about the rash of mail heists in the Heights. It is also happening in Manhattan. Thieves “fish” with a sticky substance at the end of a string and haul in letters from the box. Some take advantage of corrosive holes in the boxes. Word is that the 84th Precinct is on the case.