Easter Egg Hunt Postponed

According to the Brooklyn Heights Playgrounds website, the Easter egg hunt scheduled for this morning at the Pierrepont Playground has been postponed and tentatively rescheduled for next Saturday, April 18.

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  • AEB

    No Easter egg hunt in the pouring rain, with temps dipping into the 40s?

    What has America come to?

    (Don’t answer that!!)

  • lifer

    I always enjoyed seeing the selfish moms hording eggs

  • lifer

    uh, “hoarding”, figured i’d spell it right before the spelling police get me

  • CJP

    Just a shout-out and note of thanks to the parents (and local business sponsors) who make this local event happen. My six-year-old has always enjoyed it. The Easter Egg hunt next to the Brooklyn Bridge was way, way too crowded last year.

  • davoyager

    We went to a production of The Heights Players Theater for Children entitled The World of the Brothers Grimm and the children were enchanted. They will do the show again next Sat. at 11:30 am and 1 pm. A wonderful local ensemble perform charming adaptations of classic children s stories.

  • BH Resident

    Davoyager: We went too. I agree. It was great fun. My child loved it.

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Wonderful to read comments that reflect appreciation of life in BH. So many comments on the BHB are negative, I was beginning to think that I was the only fan of our dear neighborhood….