It’s Cold Out There!

Who better to know than the Eagle’s Mary (ahem!) Frost, who found the sign at TD Bank, near the corner of Montague and Court streets, registering a temperature of seventeen degrees today. She cites a 2013 New York Times story that declared Montague and Court “the windiest intersection in all of New York City.” My nominee, because I encounter it more frequently, would be Montague and Hicks (alternatively, since I live on Montague, Remsen and Hicks), where the sheer slab of the Bossert captures the prevailing wind from the west, arriving unimpeded from New Jersey, and dumps it with a vengeance on adjoining stretches of Hicks, Montague, and Remsen. According to Mary’s story, the winds at Montague and Court are worse because they form a “vortex.” I should check this out, though I’m not eager.

Anyway, dress warmly, with lots of layers, and stay inside as much as you can. Unfortunately, the cold weather is predicted to last through New Year’s Eve and beyond, which will put a damper on fireworks watching.

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  • Andrew Porter

    My street gets the full wind tunnel effect from the air pouring around the Towers and St. George. It’s a lazy wind, as they say; instead of going around you, it goes through you.

  • gc

    Montague and Hicks would be my pick for windiest.

  • petercow

    Willow, between Clark and Pineapple.