Hello BQE of the Future?


Manhattan based Studio for Civil Architecture has designed an enclosure for the BQE cantilever beneath the Promenade, which is scheduled for refurbishing in the next decade. If this proposal is implemented, according to the Studio, it will serve the purpose of muffling sound from the Expressway, and thereby eliminate the need for the earthen berm proposed to be raised between Brooklyn Bridge Park and Furman Street. Check out the Studio’s e-booklet on the proposal here [via Brownstoner].

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  • Publius

    The photo looks great. A much better idea for sound abatement than the berms that will take acres of land away from the park for noise attenuation.

  • Drew B

    That’s a really good idea. Saves space, mitigates sound in the park and won’t bounce the sound back into the heights as some were concerned the berm might. Plus it will be very cool looking!

  • AEB

    Yum! Less noise=happierness.

  • zb


  • my2cents

    let’s build it! Hope they have devised a way to keep it clean though. I can imagine years of diesel soot accumulating on that glass…

  • hoppy

    Can you use it to slide down to the park from the promenade?

  • nabeguy

    Seems like a brilliant alternative, but my2cents raises a good point, and I didn’t see anything addressing ventilation.

  • kirkaldy

    I can tell that I am a minority opinion on this page, but my feeling is that this adds nothing to the experience of the park, which the sound berms actually do. It was smart of the plan’s advocates to show the foreshortened view that makes the tunnel look fancy and new rather than looming and monotonous. Instead of trees and lawn, we will have a splendid view of the broad side of an architectural monument to the automobile.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Just think, in 80 years when we’re all riding around in our flying cars how quaint this will all seem.
    Of course, we will fiercely fight that it must be preserved as a fine example of the workmanship of the age and a testament to Obama’s stimulus package (on which we will still be making interest-only payments).

  • Bart

    I think this is a great idea. Actually I’ve always dreamed of widening the promenade so that it extends beyond the BQE as a way to reduce sound. But the idea of covering it is a fantastic way to reduce sound.

    If you’ve ever walked down Grace court in the summer, you notice two things. First a low hum building up to a crescendo as you walk towards the BQE, and then the dust, auto particles, or grit, blowing up the length of Grace Court. The barrier won’t help the situation on Grace Court, but it will certainly be better for the other streets that are perpendicular to the Promenade.

  • Brooklyn Guy

    kirkaldy – not sure you are in the minority outside this blog – aside from sound attenuation, many like the berms as interesting topography and the environmentalist think it’s a great habitat for flora and birds. I agree.