Open Thread Wednesday

megaphone.jpgTonight at 7:30pm at the Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, the  Brooklyn Heights Association will hold its Annual Meeting.  The event, with guest speaker NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, is open to the general public.

Today's OTW is dedicated to issues you'd like to see discussed at tonight's meeting.  More importantly, what issues in our community do you think the BHA is ignoring?  Is the organization effective and operating in your best interest? Why/why not?

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  • frelkins

    We upscale residents of the Hgts are still massively underserved. We have a generally Madison Ave. demographic, but have to make-do with 2nd Ave. services and amenities. What’s cool about where we live is that it’s like the old West Village used to be — but we need more stores and services that are geared to residents, not the vast army of drones at the courts and other gov’t buildings.

  • Teddy

    As long as those courts and gov’t buildings exist, the infrastructure to support them will exist. Just out of curiosity, what services are missing ? Do you need clubs, more bars, better restaurants, more/better shopping ? If you want that, you have two options:

    1) Move to Manhattan or
    2) Try what I’ve done for the past 30 years plus, live in a quiet, great neighborhood and go to the city for your “other” needs.

  • Qfwfq

    Go to Manhattan?? Bah, too much of a commute.

  • Captain Amazing

    If you are “upscale,” by definition you are not “underserved.” Take clothing. If I were a high-end tailor, I might consider setting up shop in Brooklyn Heights, and marketing bespoke suits to the classes. But, the question is whether I could make back the rent. For many of my clientele would work in Manhattan, where they make the medium-to-large bucks, and what’s to stop them from shopping there? So, the bet is on who will shop in what neighborhood. Evidently, it’s pet owners. And if any of you readers are professional tailors with working access to capital, the hypo was not chosen at random.

  • frelkins

    I hear ya Cap’n Amazing. Why move to Mall-hattan? And lose my view from the V. Bridge to the Chrysler Bldg? That would be stupid.

    I’d settle for a Marc Jacobs, a Fresh, or Bigelow/Zitomer-like place, a real hairdresser/salon that grownups can go to, and a restaurant like Blue Ribbon.

    I too work in the Financial District and it’s impossible, due to the construction and all that, to do much shopping there anymore. Basically you have to go all the way up to Bergdorf’s just to buy a bottle of perfume. It’s a PITA.

  • epc

    There’s too little foot traffic in the North Heights to sustain most stores, even high end ones. Granted the courts drive a lot of foot traffic at lunch, it’s solely at lunch. The lack of any office space on Henry means there’s no employees or customers milling around during the day. That’s why the only successful businesses have been the restaurants or few service businesses. And it’s not a matter of convincing people to move offices here, there’s just no class B space at all. From pre-Cadman towers pictures it appears that a lot of commercial space was eliminated and never replaced (the mini-strip mall on Pineapple Walk has what, three or four store fronts replacing the possibly 50-75 storefronts and 2nd floor offices which were eliminated through urban “renewal”).