Packer, St. Ann’s Get High Rankings In NYC Private High Schools Survey

In’s 2018 survey of the best private high schools in New York State, Packer Collegiate Institute (photo) is rated tenth in New York City and fourteenth in the state. It is followed immediately by St. Ann’s School, rated eleventh in the city and fifteenth in the state. They come in just ahead of Manhattan’s prestigious Brearley School. The only Brooklyn school ranked higher than the Brooklyn Heights pair is Poly Prep, rated eighth in the city and tenth in the state. Park Slope’s Berkeley Carroll comes in at fifteenth in the city and nineteenth in the state, and Downtown’s Brooklyn Friends is rated 21st in the city and 27th in the state. There are 200 ranked schools in the state, of which 91 are in New York City. The top ranked school in the city and the state is the Horace Mann School in the Bronx.

Niche’s ranking methodology is explained here.

Photo: C. Scales for BHB.

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  • Andrew Porter

    For a second I thought of getting married, having kids, just so I could send them to some of these local outstanding educational citadels…

    I *have* been watching the gutting and renovation of the two story building at the corner of Clinton and Remsen for Packer with interest.

  • NewToTheNabe

    No doubt Packer and St. Ann’s are both amazing schools but when a friend showed me the college matriculation lists for the Seniors at each school, St. Ann’s was clearly a step ahead of Packer. Makes me want to have a kid some day. And get rich.

  • Cranberry Beret

    A step ahead for St Ann’s, if you want Junior to major in, say, puppetry, and not engineering

  • Reggie

    When it comes to private school, I suggest you do those things in reverse order.

  • WUSA

    It’s funny we used to call these, and especially the level Above this, “illuminati” schools. We also used to call the level Above this: “Saintgrotelsex” for St Andrew’s, Groton, Middlesex, et al. Also, patriots who have studied these institutions have discovered various schools supply different specialties to the overall control mechanism. We used to infiltrate and give out American Free Press’ on the Kent School campus. Boy, was THAT appreciated by the darlings up there….