Sic transit gloria mundi

Perhaps the landlord was hearing the words of Robert Frost: “Something there is that doesn’t love a [Great] [W]all….”

Photo: Martha Foley for BHB.

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  • AEB

    It’s a wonder that Great Wall (which should have been called Hole-In-the-Wall) survived as long as it did. Whatever its merits, which to me were few, as one could get better bad Chinese food a block or so south, at Fortune Garden, it did bring a bit of Olde Chinatown to the Heights.

    Ah, the small of overused cooking oil; the eat-in amenity of what was, after all, a take-out joint; the dubious cleanliness even after an inspection A was awarded. It was, finally…authentic. And authenticity is something one doesn’t always find in our nabe, unless one counts authentic money-grubbing, see Gougestedes.

  • Andrew Porter

    That’s “Fortune House,” although with part of the sign broken off, I think of it as “Torture House.”

  • AEB

    Now fixed. I go there, too.