Know a Spot, or Two, That Needs a Litter Can? Tell Council Member Steve Levin

In his “Word on the 33rd” e-blast today, City Council Member Stephen Levin has this message for constituents:

We all need to do our part to keep our community clean. Everyone one of us should be able to take pride in the streets and sidewalks that are extensions of our homes and workplaces. To this end, I’m asking the community for suggestions on areas of the community that could use some extra attention.

If you know a spot, or up to three spots, that could use extra litter baskets, please submit them here.

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  • B.

    Well, I guess we could put several litter cans in front of the old Cadman Plaza Library, to catch debris that is even now cascading down during a most peculiar demolition — peculiar, that is, because the developer has not even paid for the building he is so busy tearing down.

    And Steve Levin should know, since by his vote he helped facilitate this strange twist on the usual buyer-seller relationship.

  • B.

    But now I read that the developer has “closed” on the property. Does that mean it’s paid in full? I know what “closed” means for the rest of us.

  • Jorale-man

    The place with an obvious need for more trash cans is the Promenade. Most around Montague St. are overflowing and being raided by squirrels on summer mornings.

  • Claude Scales

    The developer has secured financing that allows it to pay the City for the property and to proceed with construction.

  • Diesel

    Night Squirrels, the ones with no fur on their tails…

  • gc

    The Promenade is a disgrace on an early weekend morning (especially if it rained the night before). The standing water is not to be believed unless you see it for yourself … and it stays that way for days. The trash cans are overflowing and they also can stay that way for quite a while.

  • gc

    You’ve got that right Diesel. After 2AM the rats are totally in charge.

  • Diesel

    Yep, whats worse is all the trash simply left on the benches or thrown on the ground, ugh “humans”