Subway Service Update: Some More Bad (but Necessary) News About the 2/3 Line

Yesterday we reported that there would be no service to or from Brooklyn on the 2/3 line this weekend. Now, thanks to the Brooklyn Heights Association, we know that post-Sandy repair work to the tunnels connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan and vice versa will necessitate shutting down 2/3 service to and from Brooklyn each weekend (11:45 Friday to 5:00 AM Monday, or on holiday weekends until 5:00 AM Tuesday) until perhaps a year from now. This means no weekend service at Clark Street or on the 2/3 platforms at Borough Hall. By way of compensation, 5 train service, which doesn’t normally extend to and from Brooklyn on weekends, will serve Brooklyn on weekends during this time. For those traveling to or from the interior of Brooklyn, 4 and 5 trains will be serving the usual 2 and 3 stations.

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  • Andrew Porter

    The tourist pressure on the A/C will now become Really Bad. It’s already starting to look like the London Underground at times. And apparently most non-locals have no clue about walking down the escalators, making things even slower.

  • meschwar

    I will never accept an obligation to walk down an escalator.

  • Old Guy

    Walking down and up escalators is why they constantly break. They are not designed as a stairmaster for the self absorbed millennial scum working on thier fit bit stats. They also dont care if someone has a disability or gets vertigo. Hateful pigs.

  • Arch Stanton

    That’s fine, at least stay to the side so others can get past you.

  • Arch Stanton

    “Walking down and up escalators is why they constantly break”
    Where are you getting your information from?
    After 50+ years in NYC I can say say for sure, people have always been walking on the escalators, it’s nothing new.

  • Andrew Porter

    The problem with the High Street escalator going down is it’s only wide enough for one person. Instant bottleneck!

  • gc

    Anyone know if the 2/3 will be in service on the 4th of July?

  • Claude Scales

    According to the MTA website, there should be normal service on the 2/3 line on Tuesday, July 4. The preceding weekend (Friday evening, June 30 to Monday morning, July 3), the 2 should be running normally (this is an exception to the announced cancellation of 2/3 service for all weekends; it may apply on other holiday weekends as well) but the 3 will not run in either direction between 14th Street and New Lots Avenue.

  • Robert Johnson

    All this nonsense and disruption because Bloomberg in his arrogance and the brilliant minds who run this town didn’t employ a important new technology:….Sandbags!!!

    And now we’re supposed to pay gazillion in repair costs and have our lives endlessly disrupted…and this according to millennial think is just what you have to expect to live here.

  • Daddyo

    Don’t think sandbags would have made much difference versus the many thousands of gallons of water which inundated the subway system. Nice try, not all Bloomie’s fault…though seems like this work could have started sooner…

  • gc

    Thanks Claude

  • Claude Scales

    I’m glad you asked the question. If you hadn’t, I would have only learned there would be 2 service on the weekend before the 4th during the week before.

  • Banet

    Thousands? Try millions. Maybe billions. Multiple tunnels were breached. At least one was completely filled with water.